The Sheffield-based William Cook group has secured export orders of £5m for its tank track systems.

The engineering company will supply its custom-designed tracks for an allied regional power in the Middle East in a deal worth £3m. It is also manufacturing tracks worth £2m for a friendly nation in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Chris Seymour, managing director, said: “We are proud to be flying the flag for British manufacturing as the trusted supplier of track systems to defence ministries and their contractors in Anglophile countries around the world.

“We continue to invest in our business for future growth by adding new technology and talent at our manufacturing plants in Sheffield, Leeds and Stanhope.”

William Cook’s defence division is on target for a record year with sales in excess of £25m.

The business is also set to unveil a new investment at its Stanhope plant in County Durham later this year.

Source: Stephen Farrell, Insider Business, 21st February 2018